// About Us

glas(s) performance

Our names are Tashi and Jess although together we introduce ourselves as Glas(s) Performance. We make autobiographical theatre because we like meeting people and hearing stories. We hope that by sharing these stories with other people we might all learn a bit more about what it means to be human which might be a good thing.

We met as students at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2000. Jess had moved up to Glasgow from Penrith in the Lake District and Tashi from London. We soon realised that we had a lot of things in common and that we had a lot of questions we felt we’d like to address in theatre. Since this time have been creating autobiographical performance projects together – with communities and with individuals, with familes and neighbourhoods, about ourselves and about other people.

This photograph was taken during the rehearsal process for Hand Me Down (check it out in the performances section) we were in Moira’s kitchen. It took quite a long time to get a nice one as Jess hates getting her picture taken and Tashi had a to try lots of ways to make her look at the camera. We put it up here because we wanted to put a face to a name – we find that helps with everything.

This is Viv


We first met her when she was a young person and worked with her on a few projects before asking her to be part of the first ever Junction 25 show. We have pretty much worked together with her ever since and now she is the company manager and producer for both Junction 25 and Glas(s) Performance.

She is the person behind lots of emails, spreadsheets and plans but mostly she likes spending time with people, sharing stories and making things happen.

She secretly loves having her picture taken and is always looking for that perfect shot. She says she hasn’t found it yet but we think this one is pretty excellent. It was taken during the secret santa we did with the creative team during our Christmas show Glimmer.

We are very fond of her.

We all live in south side of Glasgow and spend a lot of time in coffee shops and parks trying to meet new people and dream up new ways of working with them.